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I don't praise companies often, but I have to here. I just moved to Downers Grove from Brookfield, and found a little gem called RKM Insurance Services in Downers Grove. This place was referred to me by a couple people in the area, and had many good reviews. I called up and dealt with Rick, the owner of the company, and I have to say I have never in my life been more happy with an insurance company then I am now. Very fast, efficient, and saved me on my State Farm policy, while giving me the some options with a couple different companies. It’s been a long time since I felt an agent actually gave a damn about me as a customer. 5 Stars to you guys!

Rick Miller works hard for you to find the best rates out there! Thank you for all that you do to save my family money everyday! Rick as always looks out for his clients!

My Jeep Cherokee had a engine fire a few weeks ago as I was running errands on my day off from work. The jeep was a total loss, I was devastated. Luckily for me I have a tremendous agent Brian. Brian was extremely helpful on this troubled event. First off he contacted a tow truck to pick up my suv and myself. Secondly he sent all the paperwork and information needed over to Enterprise, I was in and out of Enterprise in less than 10 mins with my rental car, a complete time saver. I lost my jeep, but I was paid in full amount for what the suv was worth, and I received the check quickly. My rental was due back after a week and again Brian worked his magic giving me another week to use my rental while I was car searching for the right car that fit my needs. Just last week when the dealership was feeding me complete lies about me not being able to drive my new car off the lot without either switching insurance or switching to a new policy under my insurance, Brian again was just a phone call away and as soon as I talked with him suddenly the problem they had was solved. He did all of this as he was on vacation with his family. I highly recommend getting Brian as your agent and having safeco insurance. During the time of my incident Brian was more than helpful, and I thank him for that.

We were in an accident. I texted our insurance agent and asked for a call back later that night, because he was vacationing in an area with no cell reception. He happened to get my message because he was far out on a lake. Within minutes Rick, our agent, immediately rushed back to the phone at the lodge and called us to see if we were okay and tell us what we needed to do. Would your insurance agent do this for you? Will I ever change insurance agents? No, never.
Molly Hirschboeck, Brookfield, il, AL

Rick has been extremely helpful throughout the whole process of shopping for insurance. For a first time shopper he answered all my question and was very knowledgeable. What was the best part of getting insurance was his thoroughness when quoting a price. He really did a great job doing his own research for both the property and my car it really saved me a lot of time.

I have had the privilege of knowing Rick for several years and to have him handle my insurance needs, which are varied and complex. He has consistently delivered the highest quality coverage with speed, insight, exceptional value and considerable peace of mind for me.

Rick has taken excellent care of all our insurance needs and got us awesome rates that will save us quite a bit of money on our house and cars! He is a great guy and we are very happy with his professional and efficient service! This is the guy to go to!!!

Rick has great customer service. He helped me save money on my policy. Thanks Again Rick!

Could not be happier with my rep and this agency! I left my last agency for letting the insurer make critical mistakes and not stepping up to help. They dropped our insurance twice for something as little as being able to record my married name and new license number the 3 times I provided, and went on the defense when I asked why they were out of the loop on their customers. I was very happy with how easy and painless it was to move over to RKM Insurance Services and the competitive pricing and coverage options. When our insurer made a mistake while at the dealership, our super agent Rick Miller ironed it out remotely from his home for us on a Saturday night like only a stellar agent would do.

Rick contacted me a couple of times to see if I wanted him to do a quote for me. We already had insurance ( with a no name type company). I figured there was no way he could save us any money, so I kept putting it off. Finally I had him do a quote and my jaw hit the ground. He saved us $400 a year. Thank you so much Rick for putting that money back in our pockets.

It was a pleasure to work with Rick. Very informative and a good rate.


Rick is one of the easiest people to work with no matter the coverage you need. I messaged him online, and said I needed renter's insurance in like a day. He asked me how much and my address. I didn't hear from him again until the next day, and then it was to find out my policy was ready, it was going to cost about half of what I thought it would, and he emailed me my documents for with immediate proof of coverage. He is approachable, down to earth, VERY family oriented, and just an all around fair, nice guy. Doing business with him is a pleasure.

I have been insured through Rick Miller for a few months now. He was great at finding me the best deal out there. I was quoted by a couple different companies and they both were higher premiums. I decided to ask Rick what he could do for me and he through in a big way. It ended up saving me a couple hundred dollars. You certainly can't beat that! The customer service through RKM Insurance Services has also been outstanding. I had an issue last month and they worked with me until it was resolved. My calls were answered right away and if not someone got back to me within the hour. I am very happy and satisfied with their service and I plan on sticking with them indefinitely.

Rick is an awesome agent as well as an awesome guy!! He honestly cares for the people he covers!! Great job Rick!! He's got your back!

Rick is extremely helpful and was able to save me a considerable amount of money. Rick is as genuine a guy as they come. He truly cares for his clients.

Was with my previous carrier for many, many years. Cannot remember the last time the agent called on me, checked-in, or more importantly, called to explain why the continuous, substantial rate increase, despite my claims-free status. With 5 different policies, totaling several thousand dollars per year, I expected better - but they never delivered. Enter Rick and RKM Insurance Services! Rick spent considerable time and a few conversations/explanations, but he nailed everything down, thoroughly and professionally. I am happy with Rick's personal attention to detail, and can rest assured I am well protected by the chosen carriers.

Rick has all my insurance, including some rental properties. When Rick quoted them I did not think they would even be in the ball park with Country Companies. But he was able to save me a lot of money.  Now what really impressed me was after this unbelievable rain, never in my life has an insurance agent called me to see if everything was ok. Rick took the time to call, what a great feeling to have that he cares. I will recommend Rick Miller and RKM Insurance Services to all my friends and family. Thanks Rick and RKM Insurance!

Thanks to Rick Miller we are putting our home and auto insurance in his hands, and he is saving us a ton of money! The coverage's are actually better than what we already had. Rick took the time to ask questions to make sure we're getting exactly what we need, and taking advantage of all the discounts that we qualify for. We are very happy, this has been a great experience, and we will definitely recommend Rick to our friends and family!

RKM Insurance Services received a rating of 5.0 out of 5 based on 18 reviews on IWantInsurance.com.
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